Korngold, Erich W.

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Korngold Straussiana for Orchestra, score and parts

Korngold: Straussiana

REPRINT SERIES Straussiana was Korngold’s last completed work. Since the Theme and Variations was its companion piece perhaps that was his penultimate work. Both pieces owe their existence to a commission from the American School Orchestras...
Korngold Cello Concerto Op.37 - Score & Parts

Korngold - Cello Concerto Op.37

$145.00 - $675.00
Korngold - Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra in C Major, Op.37 This romantic and dramatic score is actually a single-movement, thirteen-minute piece for cello and orchestra written to be played in a film called Deception, about a love triangle...
Korngold String Quartet No.1 Op.16 Score and Parts

Korngold - String Quartet No.1 Op.16

EDITION ZEZA REPRINT SERIES. An instant critical and popular success when first performed by the Rosé Quartet in January 1924, Korngold's string quartet No.1 is an inspired work. He had a knack of orchestrating music for small ensembles to make...
Korngold Violin Concerto Op.35 Sheet Music

Korngold - Violin Concerto Op.35

$179.95 - $650.00
The concerto was dedicated to Alma Mahler, the widow of Korngold's childhood mentor Gustav Mahler. It was premiered on 15 February 1947 by Jascha Heifetz and the St. Louis Symphony under conductor Vladimir Golschmann. Three Movements:   1...