Varèse, Edgard

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Varèse: Amériques full score and orchestral parts

Varèse: Amériques

$125.00 - $795.00
REPRINT SERIES Amériques is an orchestral composition by Edgard Varèse, scored for a very large, romantic orchestra with additional percussion (for eleven performers) including sirens. Written between 1918 and 1921 and revised in 1927, it...
Varèse: Ionisation for Percussion Ensemble 13 Players , score and parts

Varese: Ionisation

REPRINT SERIES Ionisation (1929–1931) is a musical composition by Edgard Varèse written for thirteen percussionists. It was among the first concert hall compositions for percussion ensemble alone, although Alexander Tcherepnin had composed...