Sibelius, Jean

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Sibelius: Ett ensamt skidspår score and parts

Sibelius: Ett ensamt skidspår (A lonely ski trail)

While Sibelius’ composed music for many plays to great effect, with the brief melodramas Ett ensamt skidspår (A Lonely Ski Trail) and Grevinnans konterfej (The Countess’ Portrait) he also demonstrated his skill in writing for drama on a...
Sibelius Six Humoresques for Violin & Orchestra score, sheet music

Sibelius: Six Humoresques for Violin & Orchestra Op.87/89

$169.95 - $549.99
REPRINT SERIES The Six Humoresques, Opp. 87 and 89, are concertante compositions for violin and orchestra written from 1917 to 1918 by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. Despite spanning two opus numbers (due to publishing technicalities), the...
Sibelius Symphony No.6 Op.104 score and parts

Sibelius: Symphony No.6 Op.104

$135.00 - $559.95
REPRINT SERIES Op. 104 Symphony no. 6 in D minor1. Allegro molto moderato, 2. Allegretto moderato, 3. Poco vivace, 4. Allegro molto. Completed in 1923; first performance in Helsinki on 19th February 1923 (Helsinki City Orchestra under Jean Sibelius).The...
Sibelius: Cassazione for Orchestra, sheet music, score and parts, original version

Sibelius: Cassazione Op.6

$149.99 - $495.00
Cassazione, Op. 6, is an orchestral composition by Jean Sibelius, composed in 1904 for the programme that introduced his Violin Concerto. Its title refers to the cassation, a genre similar to the serenade, which was popular in the late 18th century...
Sibelius Symphony No.7 Score and Parts

Sibelius Symphony No.7

$135.00 - $575.00
REPRINT SERIES Notable for being a one-movement symphony, in contrast to the standard symphonic formula of four movements. The concept of a continuous, single-movement symphony was one Sibelius only reached after a long process of experimentation. It has...
Sibelius: The Tempest Op.109 No.1 Prelude Score and Parts

Sibelius - The Tempest Op.109 No.1 Prelude

$119.50 - $245.00
The Tempest - Incidental Music to Shakespeare´s Play, Prelude Op.109 No.1 was written in 1925-26. The music is said to display an astounding richness of imagination and inventive capacity, and is one of Sibelius's greatest achievements. The...
Sibelius, J. - The Bard , Tone Poem for Orchestra Op.64, Score and Parts

Sibelius - The Bard , Tone Poem for Orchestra Op.64

The Bard is a brief tone poem composed in 1913. The tone poem itself provides a profound, yet cryptic, glimpse of an elegiac, poetic world: an initial, harp-led stillness and reflection are succeeded by elemental, eruptive surges and, finally, a sense of...