Strauss, Richard

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Strauss: Dance Suite after François Couperin, TrV 245 , Full Score and Orchestral Parts

Strauss - Dance Suite after François Couperin

REPRINT SERIES The orchestral Tanzsuite aus Klavierstücken von François Couperin, TrV 245 consists of eight movements, each one based on a selection of pieces from Couperin's Pièces de Clavecin written for the solo harpsichord over the...
Strauss: Rosenkavalier Suite for Orchestra, Set of Parts, Full Score

Strauss - Rosenkavalier Suite

$169.99 - $795.00
The suite begins where the opera starts, famously, with the bold, erotic horn music that is "Der Rosenkavalier’s" calling card and always a welcome sound to opera lovers. The suite begins with the opera's orchestral prelude, depicting the night of...
Strauss Metamorphosen for 23 Strings - Score and Parts

Strauss: Metamorphosen

$250.00 - $389.50
Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen, Study for 23 Solo Strings, subtitled "In memoriam" is scored for ten violins, five violas, five cellos, and three contrabasses. The work unfolds in a single, long movement. Strauss sustains and develops a series of...
Strauss: Horn Concerto No.2, Score and Parts, sheet music

R. Strauss: Horn Concerto No.2 TrV 283

$135.00 - $355.00
The Concerto No.2 for Horn and Orchestra is infused with Strauss' singular lyricism, reflecting the clarity of the composer's Romantic vision amid the strengthening winds of twentieth century modernism.
Strauss Concerto in D major for Oboe and Small Orchestra, AV 144, TrV 292 sheet music.

R. Strauss - Oboe Concerto Op.144 for Oboe and Small Orchestra

$125.00 - $495.00
Concerto in D major for Oboe and Small Orchestra, AV 144, TrV 292.  Written in 1945, it was one of the last works that Richard Strauss composed near the end of his life, during an "Indian summer". This delightful Oboe Concerto has a lovely, warm...