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Vaughan Williams: Concerto Grosso Score & Parts

Vaughan Williams: Concerto Grosso

REPRINT SERIES  Concerto Grosso is a work for string orchestra by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Originally composed in 1950 for a performance by the Rural Schools Music Association conducted by Sir Adrian Boult, the piece is unique in that the orchestra...
Milhaud Symphoniette pour Cordes score and parts

Milhaud: Symphoniette pour Cordes Op.363

This pretty work for String Orchestra has 3 movements: 1.Animé et Vigoureux - 2.Vif et Léger - 3.Décidé et Joyeux, and lasts approximately 11 minutes.
Bacewicz - Concerto for String Orchestra score and parts

Bacewicz: Concerto for String Orchestra

REPRINT SERIES The Concerto for String Orchestra (1948) is commonly regarded as Grażyna Bacewicz's opus magnum and even called her "Ninth Symphony". It is unquestionably one of the foremost works of 20th century Polish music. Written in 1948, the...
Finzi: Romance for String Orchestra, score and parts

Finzi: Romance Op.11

Highly passionate in character and rich in its melodic invention, Finzi’s writing here is characteristically open-hearted and approachable. From the stillness of the opening, the music unfolds, reaching a peak of intensity before returning to its...
Stravinsky - Apollo Ballet, sheet music for string orchestra

Stravinsky: Apollon Musagète

REPRINT SERIES Apollo (originally Apollon musagète and variously known as Apollo musagetes, Apolo Musageta, and Apollo, Leader of the Muses) is a neoclassical ballet in two tableaux composed between 1927 and 1928 by Igor Stravinsky. It was...
Finzi - Prelude for String Orchestra Op.25 score and parts

Finzi: Prelude for Strings

REPRINT SERIES Finzi's Prelude for String Orchestra Op.25, was originally conceived in the 1920s as the opening movement of a (subsequently uncompleted) chamber symphony, to be entitled The Bud, the Blossom and the Berry, the Prelude nevertheless stands...
Prokofiev - Andante for Strings Op.50bis sheet music, score and parts

Prokofiev: Andante for Strings Op.50bis

REPRINT SERIES   After he departed the Soviet Union in 1918, Sergei Prokofiev (1891 - 1953) spent a fair amount of time in the U.S. concertizing. On one such tour in 1930, the Library of Congress commissioned him to compose a string quartet; the...
Finzi - Interlude for Oboe and String Orchestra sheet music

Finzi: Interlude for Oboe and String Orchestra Op.21

The Interlude for oboe and strings was composed during the mid 1930s, originally for string quartet; later Finzi created an expanded instrumentation for string orchestra as an alternative. It is a 13-minute work of considerable substance,...
stravinsky concerto d strings score sheet music parts

Stravinsky - Concerto in D for Strings

REPRINT SERIES Concerto in D ("Basle") for string orchestra was composed in Hollywood between the beginning of 1946 and 8 August of the same year in response to a 1946 commission from Paul Sacher to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Basler...
Respighi Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No.3 - Score and Parts

Respighi - Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No.3

Written for strings only and somewhat melancholy in overall mood. It is based on lute songs by Besard, a piece for baroque guitar by Ludovico Roncalli, and lute pieces by Santino Garsi da Parma and additional anonymous composers. 1. Italiana (Anonymous:...
Villa-Lobos Bachianas Brasileiras No.9 for String Orchestra, Score and Parts

Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras No.9 for String Orchestra

Score and Set of Parts ( Bachianas Brasileiras No. 9 is the only one that does not have double titles (one title based on classical music forms and the other relating to Brazil in some manner). This 10 minute work is in quintessentially Bachian...
Strauss Metamorphosen for 23 Strings - Score and Parts

Strauss: Metamorphosen

$250.00 - $389.50
Richard Strauss: Metamorphosen, Study for 23 Solo Strings, subtitled "In memoriam" is scored for ten violins, five violas, five cellos, and three contrabasses. The work unfolds in a single, long movement. Strauss sustains and develops a series of...
Vaughan Williams: Partita for Double String Orchestra Score and Orchestral parts

Vaughan Williams - Partita for Double String Orchestra

Based on the piece Double Trio (1938), the composer decided its music would be better-suited to a larger instrumentation.  He fashioned the piece for two string orchestras of disproportionate size, neither featuring second violins. The Partita ...
Honegger: Symphony No.2 for Strings and Trumpet ad lib, Score and Parts

Honegger - Symphony No.2 for Strings and Trumpet (ad lib.) H.153

Commissioned in 1937 by Paul Sacher, it was only completed in 1941. The work is for string orchestra, except for the addition of a trumpet in the concluding chorale: "like pulling out an organ stop", according to the composer. The work is in three...
Bartók Divertimento for String Orchestra Score & Parts

Bartók - Divertimento for String Orchestra SZ.113

Divertimento for String Orchestra Sz.113 BB.118 is a three-movement piece that conforms to traditional structures, respectively, of sonata form, ternary form and rondo form. It was composed in 1939 and dedicated to the Basel Chamber Orchestra.   1...
Holst, G. - St. Paul's Suite Op.29 No.2 for Strings - Score and Parts

Holst, G. - St. Paul's Suite Op.29 No.2 for Strings

St Paul's Suite (Op.  29, No. 2) is a composition for string orchestra by the English composer Gustav Holst.  It is named after the St Paul's Girls' School in the United Kingdom, where Holst was Director of Music from 1905 to 1934. It was...