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Vaughan Williams: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Score and Parts

Vaughan Williams: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in C Major

$189.99 - $935.00
REPRINT SERIES The Piano Concerto in C is a concertante work by Ralph Vaughan Williams written in 1926 (movements 1 & 2) and 1930-31 (movement 3). During the intervening years, the composer completed Job: A Masque for Dancing and began work on his...
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Cello Concerto Op.72 Score and Parts

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Cello Concerto in G minor Op.72

$189.95 - $1,049.95
Inspired by the personality, prodigious technique and musicality of the cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Cello Concerto in G minor is a work of imposing scale and demanding virtuosity, but also with a rare beauty and warmth of...
Jolivet Flute Concerto Full Score and Orchestral Parts

Jolivet: Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra

André Jolivet wrote his first Flute Concerto in 1949. It is scored for solo flute and strings and was premièred on 24 January 1950 by soloist Jean-Pierre Rampal. This concerto now part of the standard flute repertoire and several prominent...
Poulenc: Concert Champêtre for Harpsichord and Orchestra score and parts, sheet music

Poulenc: Concert Champêtre for Harpsichord and Orchestra

$174.95 - $699.99
REPRINT SERIES Poulenc's Concert Champêtre for Harpsichord (or Piano) and Orchestra was written in 1927–28 for the harpsichordist Wanda Landowska who said she "adored" playing it as it made her "insouciant and gay!" Landowska was responsible...
Milhaud: Cello Concerto No.1 score and parts

Milhaud: Cello Concerto No.1 Op.136

Composed in 1934, the Cello Concerto No.1 is not only the frist composition for cello by Milhaud, but also the most popular. It was dedicaated to Maurice Maréchal, who premiered it in Paris on June 28th 1935. This concerto was one of Grégor...
Stravinsky Capriccio score, sheet music, orchestral parts

Stravinsky: Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra

$119.95 - $575.00
REPRINT SERIES The Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra was written by Igor Stravinsky in Nice between 1926 and 1929. The score was revised in 1949. Stravinsky designed the Capriccio to be a virtuosic vehicle which would allow him to earn a living from...
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Violin Concerto No.2 Score and Parts

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Violin Concerto No.2 Op.66 "I Profeti"

$189.95 - $995.00
Among Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s important, large-scale Judaically incited concert works is his second violin concerto (Op. 66), which he subtitled I profeti (The Prophets). Its three movements are further subtitled with reference to two biblical...
Bacewicz Cello Concerto No.1 score, sheet music, orchestra parts

Bacewicz: Cello Concerto No.1

$139.95 - $599.95
REPRINT SERIES Bacewicz's Cello Concerto No. 1 was written 1951, following a commission from Miloš Sádlo, an eminent Czech cellist of international renown. The piece reflects a stylistic tendency most vividly manifested in Sonata No. 1...
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Concerto Sereno score and parts

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Guitar Concerto No.2 Op.160

REPRINT SERIES Castelnuovo-Tedesco Concerto in C Major for Guitar and Orchestra No.2 Op.160, also known as Concerto Sereno. Because of his Jewish background, Castelnuovo-Tedesco had to leave Italy in the 1930's when Mussolini and the fascists came to...
Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music, sheet music, full score, orchestral parts

Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music

$16.99 - $799.95
ORIGINAL CHORAL VERSION 1938 Serenade to Music is an orchestral concert work completed in 1938 by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, written as a tribute to conductor Sir Henry Wood. It features an orchestra and 16 vocal soloists, with lyrics...
Finzi: In Terra Pax Op.39 score and parts

Finzi: In Terra Pax Op.39

$19.95 - $549.99
The accompaniment of this piece exists in two versions:A version - for strings, harp (or piano) and cymbals, which is intended for performance with a small chorus. B version - for full orchestra (instrumentation as listed above) which is the version...
Respighi Concerto in A minor for Piano and Orchestra, score and parts

Respighi: Piano Concerto in A minor

$169.99 - $659.99
REPRINT SERIES There are plentiful ingredients in Respighi’s Piano Concerto in A minor. Rhapsodic flourishes, triumphal declamations, huge, dense chords and passages of lyrical contemplation. Written in 1902, when he was in his early twenties, it...
Vaughan Williams Epithalamion score, orchestra parts, sheet music, cantata

Vaughan Williams: Epithalamion

$79.95 - $525.00
REPRINT SERIES Epithalamion (which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as ''A nuptial song or poem in praise of the bride and bridegroom'') is a large-scale cantata from 1957 based on Edmund Spenser's love-poem of the same name: musically, it draws...
Castelnuovo-Tedesco Guitar Concerto No.1 Op.99 sheet music, score, orchestra parts

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Guitar Concerto No.1 Op.99

REPRINT SERIES A few years earlier, between Christmas 1938 and January 1939, Castelnuovo-Tedesco had completed his first Guitar Concerto, Op. 99: the first movement of which was written with the collaboration of Segovia. By making the most of its light...
Respighi: Concerto a Cinque, score and parts, sheet music

Respighi: Concerto a Cinque

REPRINT SERIES The music of Respighi can, perhaps, be placed into two general groups: a more popular set of music which is colorfully programmatic, with fairly articulate development and invention, and a second group of melting-pot eclectism. The...