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Bartok Violin Concerto No.1 Sz.36 Op. posth. Full Score

Bartok - Violin Concerto No.1 Sz.36 Op. posth.

$65.50 - $148.50
EDITION ZEZA REPRINT SERIES Béla Bartók's Violin Concerto No. 1, BB 48a was written in the years 1907–1908. The concerto was dedicated to the violinist Stefi Geyer, with whom Bartók was in love. Geyer could not reciprocate...
Bartok - Violin Concerto No.2 SZ.112 BB 117, Full Score and Set of Parts

Bartok - Violin Concerto No.2

$179.50 - $695.00
This concerto was dedicated to the Hungarian violin virtuoso, Zoltán Székely, who requested the composition in 1936,[1] and is a prime example of verbunkos style. Bartók initially planned to write a single-movement set of...
Bela Bartok First Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra SZ.87 sheet music, score, orchestral parts

Bartok: First Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra SZ.87

REPRINT SERIES The First Rhapsody is dedicated to Hungarian virtuoso violinist Joseph Szigeti, a close friend of Bartok. Bartók evidently composed both rhapsodies purely as a personal gesture, rather than on commission, and did so without telling...
Bartok Piano Concerto No.2 Score and Parts

Bartok: Piano Concerto No.2 Sz.95

$149.95 - $675.00
Bartók’s less hair-raising, but longer, companion to the 1926 concerto. He said he wanted a work “less bristling with difficulties for the orchestra and whose thematic material would be more pleasing”. He characterized this...
Bartok's Third Piano Concerto, full score and parts

Bartok: Piano Concerto No.3 Sz.119

$195.00 - $750.00
Bartók composed the piece in 1945 during the final months of his life, as a surprise birthday present for his second wife Ditta Pásztory-Bartók. It consists of three movements.Piano Concerto No. 3 consists of three movements:1...
Bartok: Second Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra SZ.90 (Folk Dances). Orchestral parts and full score.

Bartok: Second Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra SZ.90

$120.00 - $365.00
Rhapsody No.2 SZ.90 is the second of two folk dances (often called "Hungarian Rhapsodies") for Violin and Orchestra that Bartók wrote in 1928. The 2nd Rhapsody is dedicated to the violinist Zoltán Székely, the founder of the...
Bruch, M. - Kol Nidrei Op.47, Adagio for Violoncello and Orchestra, Score and Parts.

Bruch - Kol Nidrei Op.47, Adagio for Violoncello and Orchestra

Kol Nidrei Op. 47, Adagio on Hebrew Melodies for Violoncello and Orchestra, was composed by Max Bruch in 1880 and consists of a series of variations on two main themes of Jewish origin. The first theme, which also lends the piece its title, comes from...
Manuel de Falla Concerto for Harpsichord, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Violin and Cello - Full Score and Parts

Falla - Harpsichord Concerto

This spiky neo-Classical Concerto for Harpsichord defies everyone's expectations. Most listeners anticipate the Impressionism of Falla's Nights in the Gardens of Spain or the Romantic Spanish color of The Three-Cornered Hat. Harpsichordist Wanda...
Fauré, G. - Berceuse Op.16 for Violin and Orchestra full score

Fauré - Berceuse Op.16 for Violin and Orchestra

Composed in 1879, four years after the completion of his First Violin Sonata, Faure's Berceuse in D Major Op.16 was originally composed for Violin and Piano. The piece takes the form of a single movement, often highly concentrated in mood, but...
Finzi Clarinet Concerto, Score and Parts

Finzi - Clarinet Concerto Op.31

The Clarinet Concerto, Finzi’s most widely performed and recorded orchestral work, shows his particular empathy for this solo instrument. Here the clarinet’s equal facility for sustained legato melody and rapid virtuosic figuration is...