Martinu, Bohuslav

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Martinu: Toccata e due canzoni score and parts

Martinu: Toccata e due canzoni

REPRINT SERIES I. Toccata: Allegro moderato II. Canzone No.1: Andante moderato III. Canzone No.2: Allegro (poco); Adagio Bohuslav Martinů was an early 20th-century composer known for his prolificness andversatility across a daunting abundance of genres...
Martinu "Fantaisies Symphoniques" Score and Orchestral Parts

Martinu: Symphony No.6 "Fantaisies Symphoniques"

$195.00 - $950.00
The Symphony No. 6 ("Fantaisies symphoniques"), H. 343, by Bohuslav Martinů was begun in New York City in 1951, after a hiatus of four years since its predecessor, and was tentatively completed three years later on 23 April 1953. In Paris, in the months...
Martinu: Symphony No.3 Score and Parts

Martinu: Symphony No.3

$169.95 - $699.95
REPRINT SERIES Martinů composed his Third Symphony during a summer retreat in Ridgefield, Connecticut from 2 May to 14 June 1944. The composition was not the result of a commission, but rather was a spontaneous gesture, and is dedicated to Serge...
Martinu Thunderbolt P-47 Scherzo for Orchestra, score and parts

Martinu: Thunderbolt P-47

$125.00 - $599.99
Hans Kindler was one of the most brilliant and dedicated musicians of his generation. Born in Rotterdam in 1892 and trained at the city’s conservatory, Kindler emigrated to the United States in 1914 to become Principal Cellist of the Philadelphia...
Martinu - Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra , Score and Parts

Martinu: Concerto for String Quartet and Orchestra H.207

The Concerto for string quartet with orchestra was composed in Paris in 1931 for the Belgian Quatuor Pro Arte to which Béla Bartók had already dedicated his fourth string quartet. The work keeps the string quartet distinct from the...
Martinu Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra , Score and Parts

Martinu: Oboe Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra

$125.00 - $429.50
The concerto is quite traditional, both in terms of its fast-slow-fast structure and in terms of the composer's personal aesthetic; the style is instantly recognizable as Martinu's: broad, wistful melodies soar over percolating rhythms with the...
Martinu Symphony No.2 H.295 sheet music

Martinu: Symphony No.2 H.295

$69.50 - $149.95
EDITION ZEZA REPRINT SERIES Bohuslav Martinů's Symphony No. 2, H. 295, was composed from May 29 to July 24, 1943 under a commission from the Czech community in Cleveland. Martinu's Second Symphony is also a work of Haydnesque proportions. It is not a...