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Vaughan Williams: Symphony No.8 Score and Parts

Vaughan Williams: Symphony No.8

$189.50 - $769.99
Ralph Vaughan Williams's Symphony No. 8 in D minor was composed between 1953 and 1955. Sir John Barbirolli, its dedicatee, conducted the Hallé Orchestra in the premiere at the Kings Hall in Manchester, on 2 May 1956. It is the shortest of the...
Martinu "Fantaisies Symphoniques" Score and Orchestral Parts

Martinu: Symphony No.6 "Fantaisies Symphoniques"

$195.00 - $950.00
The Symphony No. 6 ("Fantaisies symphoniques"), H. 343, by Bohuslav Martinů was begun in New York City in 1951, after a hiatus of four years since its predecessor, and was tentatively completed three years later on 23 April 1953. In Paris, in the months...
Martinu: Symphony No.3 Score and Parts

Martinu: Symphony No.3

$169.95 - $699.95
REPRINT SERIES Martinů composed his Third Symphony during a summer retreat in Ridgefield, Connecticut from 2 May to 14 June 1944. The composition was not the result of a commission, but rather was a spontaneous gesture, and is dedicated to Serge...
Ives: Symphony No.3 "The Camp Meeting" score and parts

Ives: Symphony No.3 "The Camp Meeting"

$149.95 - $399.95
REPRINT SERIES In 1947, the symphony was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Music. Ives is reported to have given half the money to Lou Harrison, who conducted the premiere. The symphony is in three movements:    1. Old Folks Gatherin'...
Vaughan Williams: Sinfonia Antartica, Symphony No.7 Score and Parts

Vaughan Williams: Sinfonia Antartica / Symphony No.7

$189.95 - $1,095.00
Sinfonia antartica ("Antarctic Symphony") is the Italian title given by Ralph Vaughan Williams to his seventh symphony, first performed in 1953. It drew on incidental music the composer had written for the 1948 film Scott of the Antarctic. A typical...
Vaughan Williams Symphony No.6 score and parts

Vaughan Williams: Symphony No.6 in E minor

$189.99 - $939.99
Ralph Vaughan Williams composed his Symphony in E minor, published as Symphony No. 6, in 1944–47, during and immediately after World War II and revised in 1950. Dedicated to Michael Mullinar, it was first performed, in its original version, by Sir...
Vaughan Williams Symphony No.4 Score and Parts

Vaughan Williams: Symphony No.4 in F minor

$189.95 - $925.00
 Ralph Vaughan Williams dedicated his Symphony No. 4 in F minor to Arnold Bax.Unlike Vaughan Williams's first three symphonies, it was not given a title, the composer stating that it was to be understood as pure music, without any incidental or...
Sibelius Symphony No.6 Op.104 score and parts

Sibelius: Symphony No.6 Op.104

$135.00 - $559.95
REPRINT SERIES Op. 104 Symphony no. 6 in D minor1. Allegro molto moderato, 2. Allegretto moderato, 3. Poco vivace, 4. Allegro molto. Completed in 1923; first performance in Helsinki on 19th February 1923 (Helsinki City Orchestra under Jean Sibelius).The...
Prokofiev Symphony No.4 Op.112 Score and Parts

Prokofiev: Symphony No.4 Op.112 (1947 version)

$199.99 - $995.00
Prokofiev's Symphony No. 4 is actually two works, both using material created for The Prodigal Son ballet. The first, Op. 47, was completed in 1930 and premiered that November; it lasts about 22 minutes. The second, Op. 112, is too different to be termed...
Szymanowski Symphonie Concertante, Score and Parts

Szymanowski: Symphonie Concertante

$139.99 - $649.99
REPRINT SERIES The Symphony No. 4 (Symphonie concertante) Op. 60 is a work for solo piano and orchestra written by the Polish composer Karol Szymanowski between March and June of 1932. It is dedicated to the pianist Arthur Rubinstein. Szymanowski...
Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms, Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms

REPRINT SERIES The Symphony of Psalms is a choral symphony in three movements composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1930 during his neoclassical period. The work was commissioned by Serge Koussevitzky to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Boston Symphony...
Prokofiev Symphony No.3 Op.44 Score & Set of Parts

Prokofiev: Symphony No.3 Op.44

$215.00 - $975.00
The music derives from Prokofiev's opera The Fiery Angel, a touching love story set against the backdrop of demonic possession.This opera had been accepted for performance in the 1927–28 season at the Berlin State Opera by Bruno Walter, but this...
Prokofiev Symphony No.2 Op.40 - Full Score and Orchestral Parts

Prokofiev Symphony No.2 Op.40

$199.95 - $895.00
REPRINT SERIES Prokofiev wrote his Symphony No. 2 in D minor, Op. 40, in Paris in 1924-25, during what he called "nine months of frenzied toil". He characterized this symphony as a work of "iron and steel". Prokofiev modeled the symphony's structure on...
Vaughan Williams - Symphony No.5 - Score & Parts

Vaughan Williams - Symphony No.5

$179.50 - $795.00
In style it represents a shift away from the violent dissonance of the Fourth Symphony, and a return to the more romantic style of the earlier Pastoral Symphony. It is also noteworthy as perhaps the quietest symphony Vaughan Williams ever wrote, with...
Prokofiev Symphony No.6 Op.111 Score and Orchestral Parts

Prokofiev - Symphony No.6 Op.111

$169.50 - $795.00
The symphony, written as an elegy of the tragedies of World War II, has often been regarded as the darker twin to the victorious Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major.The symphony is in 3 movements (rather than the conventional 4), and lasts 40–45...
Hindemith - Konzertmusik Op.50 Score and Parts

Hindemith - Konzertmusik for Brass and Strings Op.50

 REPRINT SERIES Hindemith - Konzertmusik für Streichorchester und Blechbläser Op.50 It was one of a large group of pieces commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Boston Symphony Orchestra by its music director, Serge Koussevitzky...
Poulenc Sinfonietta - Score and Parts

Poulenc - Sinfonietta

$159.50 - $495.00
 The music is light, even at times satirical, and overflowing with popular turns and dance rhythms. (Ravel is said to have admitted to Poulenc that he envied his ability to “write his own folksongs.”)  It is in four movements:...
Respighi Sinfonia Drammatica - Score and Parts

Respighi - Sinfonia Drammatica

$179.95 - $895.00
REPRINT SERIES Ottorino Respighi’s hour-long Sinfonia drammatica, which he completed just before the First World War broke out, appears to anticipate the impending tragedy. The brilliantly orchestrated composition (with six horns, four percussion,...