Stravinsky, Igor

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Stravinsky: Babel score and parts

Stravinsky: Babel, Cantata for Narrator, Male Chorus and Orchestra

$19.95 - $499.95
Babel is a neoclassical religious cantata composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1944. The piece is in one movement and has a total duration of about seven minutes. The text used is taken from the Bible verbatim. It is scored for a two-part male chorus, three...
Stravinsky: Two Poems by Konstantin Balmont score and parts

Stravinsky: Two Poems by Konstantin Balmont

REPRINT SERIES Two short poems by the Russian symbolist poet Konstantin Balmont are set here. In both songs can be heard the combination of ‘diatonic’ and ‘octatonic’ procedures typical of Stravinsky at this time, which he...
Stravinsky: Pulcinella (Complete Ballet) SCORE AND PARTS

Stravinsky: Pulcinella (Complete Ballet)

$89.95 - $649.99
REPRINT SERIES Pulcinella is a 21-section ballet by Igor Stravinsky with arias for soprano, tenor and bass vocal soloists, and two sung trios. It is based on the 18th-century play Quatre Polichinelles semblables, or Four similar Pulcinellas, revolving...
Stravinsky: Perséphone score and parts

Stravinsky: Perséphone

$19.99 - $699.95
REPRINT SERIES Perséphone (Persephone) is a musical work (mélodrame) for female narrator, tenor solo, mixed chorus, children's chorus, dancers and orchestra with music by Igor Stravinsky and a libretto by André Gide.It was first...
Stravinsky: Tilimbom score and parts

Stravinsky: Tilimbom for Voice and Orchestra

REPRINT SERIES Tilimbom is the first movement of "3 Histoires pour Enfants" by Igor Stravinsky. First published for medium voice and piano, the composer later orchestrated it for Voice and Orchestra in 1954.
Stravinsky Capriccio score, sheet music, orchestral parts

Stravinsky: Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra

$119.95 - $575.00
REPRINT SERIES The Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra was written by Igor Stravinsky in Nice between 1926 and 1929. The score was revised in 1949. Stravinsky designed the Capriccio to be a virtuosic vehicle which would allow him to earn a living from...
Stravinsky Funeral Song Op.5 score and parts

Stravinsky: Chant Funèbre / Funeral Song Op.5

Funeral Song (Погребальная песнь / Pogrebal'naya Pesnya, or Chant funèbre), Op. 5, is an orchestral work by Igor Stravinsky. Composed in 1908 in memory of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, the work received its first performance in 1909.The premiere was...
Stravinsky Concerto in E-Flat Major Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Concerto in E-flat "Dumbarton Oaks"

REPRINT SERIES Concerto in E-flat, inscribed Dumbarton Oaks, 8.v.38 (1937–38) is a chamber concerto by Igor Stravinsky, named for the Dumbarton Oaks estate of Robert Woods Bliss and Mildred Barnes Bliss in Washington, D.C., who commissioned it for...
Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms, Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms

REPRINT SERIES The Symphony of Psalms is a choral symphony in three movements composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1930 during his neoclassical period. The work was commissioned by Serge Koussevitzky to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Boston Symphony...
Stravinsky: Divertimento from "The Fairy's Kiss" Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Divertimento from "The Fairy's Kiss"

$195.00 - $849.99
Le Baiser de la fée (The Fairy’s Kiss) is a one-act ballet composed in 1928 by the Russian pianist, composer, and conductor Igor Stravinsky. Over the years, the ballet underwent several prominent revisions and adaptations. One of the...
Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments 1947, Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments 1947 revision

REPRINT SERIES The Symphonies of Wind Instruments (French title: Symphonies d'instruments à vent) is a concert work written by Igor Stravinsky in 1920, for an ensemble of woodwind and brass instruments. The piece is in one movement, lasting about...
Stravinsky: Agon, Score & Parts

Stravinsky: Agon

$179.50 - $695.00
REPRINT SERIES Agon is a 22-minute ballet for twelve dancers with music by Igor Stravinsky. It was choreographed by George Balanchine. The composition's long gestation period covers an interesting juncture in Stravinsky's composing career, in which he...
Stravinsky Orpheus score and orchestral parts

Stravinsky: Orpheus

$195.00 - $695.00
REPRINT SERIES Orpheus is a thirty-minute neoclassical ballet in three tableaux composed by Igor Stravinsky in collaboration with choreographer George Balanchine. The score is among Stravinsky's most melodious. The original cast consisted of 30...
Stravinsky 8 Instrumental Miniatures, Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Eight Instrumental Miniatures

8 miniatures: I. Andantino = 76 II. Vivace = 126 (orig. No.7) attacca III. Lento = 63 (orig. No.6) IV. Allegretto = 126 (orig. No.3) V. Moderato alla breve = 84-88 (orig. No.5) VI. Tempo di Marcia [no marks] (orig. No.2) VII. Larghetto = 68-69 (orig. No...
Stravinsky - Petrushka 1947 Revised Version sheet music score and parts

Stravinsky: Petrushka

$199.95 - $995.00
REPRINT SERIES This is the 1947 Revised Version, as scored by the composer. Petrushka is a ballet and orchestral concert work by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. It was written for the 1911 Paris season of Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes company;...
Stravinsky Praeludium for Jazz Ensemble, Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Praeludium for Jazz Ensemble

REPRINT SERIES About half of Praeludium was composed in Paris, the remainder having been worked out during one of Stravinsky's trips to the United States in early 1937. With a work as concise and polished as this one, however, it is difficult to discern...
Stravinsky - Scherzo a la Russe score and parts, sheet music

Stravinsky: Scherzo à la Russe

REPRINT SERIES The Scherzo à la russe was first conceived as a work for film use, as it was intended to be featured in The North Star. When the film project was aborted,he arranged this symphonic version in 1945. The defining characteristics of...
Stravinsky Violin Concerto, Score and Parts

Stravinsky: Violin Concerto

$189.99 - $799.99
REPRINT SERIES Igor Stravinsky's Violin Concerto in D is a neoclassical violin concerto in four movements, composed in the summer of 1931 and premiered on October 23, 1931. It lasts approximately twenty minutes.  It was used by George Balanchine as...