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Strauss: Horn Concerto No.2, Score and Parts, sheet music

R. Strauss: Horn Concerto No.2 TrV 283

$135.00 - $355.00
The Concerto No.2 for Horn and Orchestra is infused with Strauss' singular lyricism, reflecting the clarity of the composer's Romantic vision amid the strengthening winds of twentieth century modernism.
Score and Orchestral parts for Ravel: Piano Concerto for the Left-Hand and Orchestra in D Major M.82

Ravel - Piano Concerto for Left Hand and Orchestra

$55.50 - $425.00
This concerto was commissioned by the prominent Austrian pianist Paul Wittgenstein, who had lost his right arm due to a wound sustained in World War I. The concerto negotiates several sections in various tempi and keys without pause. Towards the end of...
Vaughan Williams: Partita for Double String Orchestra Score and Orchestral parts

Vaughan Williams - Partita for Double String Orchestra

Based on the piece Double Trio (1938), the composer decided its music would be better-suited to a larger instrumentation.  He fashioned the piece for two string orchestras of disproportionate size, neither featuring second violins. The Partita ...
Score & Orchestral parts for Prokofiev: Violin Concerto No.2 Op.63

Prokofiev - Violin Concerto No.2 Op.63

$65.50 - $595.00
"The number of places in which I wrote the Concerto shows the kind of nomadic concert-tour life I led then. The main theme of the 1st movement was written in Paris, the first theme of the 2nd movement at Voronezh, the orchestration was finished in Baku...
Bartok: Second Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra SZ.90 (Folk Dances). Orchestral parts and full score.

Bartok: Second Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra SZ.90

$120.00 - $365.00
Rhapsody No.2 SZ.90 is the second of two folk dances (often called "Hungarian Rhapsodies") for Violin and Orchestra that Bartók wrote in 1928. The 2nd Rhapsody is dedicated to the violinist Zoltán Székely, the founder of the...
Gershwin: Cuban Overture, Score and Parts

Gershwin - Cuban Overture, Rumba for Orchestra

$65.50 - $595.00
Originally titled "Rumba", the overture is dominated by Caribbean rhythms and Cuban native percussion, with a wide spectrum of instrumental color and technique. It is a rich and exciting work with complexity and sophistication, illustrating the influence...
Honegger: Symphony No.2 for Strings and Trumpet ad lib, Score and Parts

Honegger - Symphony No.2 for Strings and Trumpet (ad lib.) H.153

Commissioned in 1937 by Paul Sacher, it was only completed in 1941. The work is for string orchestra, except for the addition of a trumpet in the concluding chorale: "like pulling out an organ stop", according to the composer. The work is in three...
Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet Suite No.1 Op.64 bis, Score and Orchestral Parts.

Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet, Suite No.1 Op.64 bis

$175.00 - $650.00
Prokofiev extracted three orchestral suites and a set of ten piano transcriptions from his ballet masterpiece "Romeo and Juliet" (one of the most enduringly popular ballets). Suite No. 1 from Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64bis: 1.Folk Dance2.Scene (the Street...
Villa-Lobos Guitar Concerto , Score and Orchestral Parts

Villa-Lobos Guitar Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra W501

$150.00 - $345.00
Composed in 1951, it was originally called "Fantasia Concertante". World premiere by Andrés Segovia, to whom it was dedicated, and conducted by the composer himself. W501 is the original version for Guitar and Orchestra. (The cadenza is included...
Charles Ives "The Unanswered Question" Score and Parts

Ives - The Unanswered Question

In Charles Ives's most famous work The Unanswered Question, a miniature he called a "cosmic drama," one finds distilled his revolutionary means, and more importantly the ends of his singular art. The piece is a kind of collage in three distinct layers,...
Prokofiev - Lieutenant Kije Op.60 Score and Parts

Prokofiev - Lieutenant Kijé, Symphonic Suite Op.60

$179.50 - $529.95
Composed in 1933, for the film "Lieutenant Kijé". The troika is frequently used in films and documentaries for Christmas scenes and scenes involving snow. The suite, in five movements broadly follows the plot of the movie:1. Kijé's Birth:...
Sibelius: The Tempest Op.109 No.1 Prelude Score and Parts

Sibelius - The Tempest Op.109 No.1 Prelude

$119.50 - $245.00
The Tempest - Incidental Music to Shakespeare´s Play, Prelude Op.109 No.1 was written in 1925-26. The music is said to display an astounding richness of imagination and inventive capacity, and is one of Sibelius's greatest achievements. The...
Strauss Concerto in D major for Oboe and Small Orchestra, AV 144, TrV 292 sheet music.

R. Strauss - Oboe Concerto Op.144 for Oboe and Small Orchestra

$125.00 - $495.00
Concerto in D major for Oboe and Small Orchestra, AV 144, TrV 292.  Written in 1945, it was one of the last works that Richard Strauss composed near the end of his life, during an "Indian summer". This delightful Oboe Concerto has a lovely, warm...