Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf Op.67 Children's tale for narrator and orchestra

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Fl., Ob., Cl.(A), Bsn., Tpt. Bb, 3 Hn. F, Tbn., 2 Percussion (timpani, cymbals, triangle, tambourine, snare drum, bass drum, castanets), Strings - Narrator
25:00 Min.
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Peter and the Wolf, for narrator and orchestra, was composed in 1936 and is recognized as one of Prokofiev's most famous works. It's a children's story, with both music and text by the composer himself, composed in just four days. Each character is represented by an instrument and a musical theme.

The bird is represented by a flute,  the duck by an oboe, the grandfather by a bassoon, the cat by a clarinet, the wolf by three horns, the hunters by a woodwind theme, with gunshots on timpani and bass drum, and Peter by the strings. The opening section introduces each character; the middle section contains the development: the appearance of the wolf, the duck being swallowed alive by the wolf, and his capture by this story's hero, Peter. The final scene brings all characters together, in a triumphant march to the zoo.

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