Satie: Cinéma, Entre'acte Symphonique de "Relâche"

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Difficulty Intermediate
Instrumentation Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, 2Hn, 2Tpt, Tbn, Perc, Strings
Duration 11 minutes
Set of Parts Includes Strings count
Score Type Required

Entr'acte is a silent French Dada short film directed by René Clair. It premiered on 4 December 1924 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris as a prologue and entr'acte for the Ballets Suédois production of Relâche, based on a book by Francis Picabia, which had settings by Picabia, was produced by Rolf de Maré, and was choreographed by Jean Börlin. The music for both the ballet and the film was composed by Erik Satie.

The "Entr'acte" section runs about 18 minutes and 40 seconds. It was played between the two acts of the ballet. The score for this part of the film is not included in the Relâche partition, but was written down by Satie in a separate score, titled "Cinéma". This part of the music contains "expandable" repeat zones in order to match the start of a new melody with certain events in the film, and, thus, was one of the earliest examples of music to film synchronization. In the score, Satie names 10 sections that are associated with scenes in the film.

Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, 2Hn, 2Tpt, Tbn, Perc, Strings
11 minutes
Set of Parts:
Includes Strings count