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Vaughan Williams: Concerto Accademico in D minor for Violin and Orchestra, Score and Parts

Vaughan Williams - Concerto Accademico for Violin and Orchestra

Score and Set of Parts (String count This work is clearly an homage to Bach, specifically to his Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, a composition Vaughan Williams deeply loved and admired. The concerto is cast in three movements, with the...
Schubert, F. - Rondo in A for Violin and Strings D.438 , Score and Parts

Schubert - Rondo in A for Violin and Strings D.438

Composed in 1816 for Violin and Strings, it is one of two concerted works that Franz Schubert ever wrote (the other one being Concert Piece for Violin and Orchestra D.345). The Rondo is a virtuoso display piece for the violin, beautifully accompanied by...
Bloch: Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra and Piano obbligato - Score & Parts

Bloch - Concerto Grosso No.1

REPRINT SERIES Concerto Grosso No. 1 for string orchestra with piano obbligato is a work that successfully demonstrates the vitality of traditional approaches while remaining unmistakably twentieth-century.