Martinu: Oboe Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra

Edition Zeza
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Difficulty Advanced
Instrumentation 2 Fl, 2 Cl, Bsn, 2 Hn, Tpt, Pno, Solo Ob, Strings
Duration 17 minutes
Set of Parts Includes Strings count
Score type Required

The concerto is quite traditional, both in terms of its fast-slow-fast structure and in terms of the composer's personal aesthetic; the style is instantly recognizable as Martinu's: broad, wistful melodies soar over percolating rhythms with the orchestral piano providing particular color.

The score reveals the influence of Igor Stravinsky, including a quotation of a motif from Petrushka in the second movement. The score contains a prominent part for an orchestral piano. It takes about 17 minutes to play.

2 Fl, 2 Cl, Bsn, 2 Hn, Tpt, Pno, Solo Ob, Strings
17 minutes
Set of Parts:
Includes Strings count