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Prokofiev Sinfonia Concertante for Cello and Orchestra Op.125, Score and set of parts

Prokofiev Sinfonia Concertante Op.125

$150.00 - $595.00
Also known as Symphony-Concerto in E minor, Op. 125,  it is a reworking of the Cello Concerto Op.58.  This "Sinfonia Concertante" is a large-scale work for cello and orchestra, dedicated to...
Prokofiev Symphony No.2 Op.40 - Full Score and Orchestral Parts

Prokofiev Symphony No.2 Op.40

$199.95 - $895.00
REPRINT SERIES Prokofiev wrote his Symphony No. 2 in D minor, Op. 40, in Paris in 1924-25, during what he called "nine months of frenzied toil". He characterized this symphony as a work of "iron and...
Prokofiev Symphony No.7 Score and Set of Parts

Prokofiev Symphony No.7 Op.131

$159.95 - $795.00
The Seventh Symphony was Prokofiev's last completed major work. It was written for the Soviet Children's Radio Division, but the simplicity of the composer's approach in the work often conceals...
Prokofiev Violin Concerto No.1 Op.19 set of orchestral parts, full score, sheet music

Prokofiev Violin Concerto No.1 Op.19

$99.95 - $325.00
REPRINT SERIES The Violin Concerto No.1 is a pivotal work, one which displays a maturation of the composer. If one compares this Concerto to Prokofiev's earlier piano concertos, it is easy to see...
Prokofiev A Summer Day for Small Orchestra, score and parts

Prokofiev: A Summer Day Op.65bis

$99.95 - $449.95
REPRINT SERIESResponding to Soviet governmental directives to produce music accessible to children, Sergei Prokofiev wrote an album of short, pictorial piano pieces in 1936. Published as Music for...
Prokofiev - Andante for Strings Op.50bis sheet music, score and parts

Prokofiev: Andante for Strings Op.50bis

REPRINT SERIES   After he departed the Soviet Union in 1918, Sergei Prokofiev (1891 - 1953) spent a fair amount of time in the U.S. concertizing. On one such tour in 1930, the Library of...
Prokofiev Divertissement Op.43 Score and Parts

Prokofiev: Divertimento Op.43

$129.95 - $489.95
REPRINT SERIES Prokofiev wrote a ballet Trapèze on a theme of circus for the touring company Boris Romanov. Trapèze was written for quintet to suit the small instrumental section of...
Prokofiev L'enfant prodigue Op.46 Score & Parts

Prokofiev: L'enfant prodigue Op.46

$189.99 - $875.00
REPRINT SERIES The Prodigal Son, or Le Fils prodigue (L'enfant prodigue), Op. 46 (Russian: Блудный сын) is a ballet created for Diaghilev's Ballets Russes by George Balanchine to music by Sergei...
Prokofiev: On the Dnieper Op.50 Ballet, score and parts

Prokofiev: On the Dnieper, Sur Le Borysthène Op.50

$189.99 - $895.99
On the Dnieper (На Днепре), Op. 51, is a ballet in two scenes with prelude and epilogue by Sergei Prokofiev. Composed in 1931 as his fourth work in the genre, it resulted from a commission by the...
Prokofiev Russian Overture Op.72 score and parts

Prokofiev: Ouverture Russe Op.72

$124.99 - $595.00
REPRINT SERIES In 1936 Prokofiev returned permanently to the USSR. He showed sketches of the overture to Eugen Szenkar, who accepted it for his orchestra. Prokofiev used a large orchestra, as he had...
Prokofiev: Dreams, for Orchestra, score and parts

Prokofiev: Rêves (Dreams) Op.6

Dreams has a curious structure, featuring one theme and a few related motifs, a churning, mysterious background, and virtually no development. Yet the work lasts ten minutes or more. The ethereal...
Prokofiev: Seven, They Are Seven Op.30 Score and Parts

Prokofiev: Seven, They Are Seven Op.30

$59.95 - $999.95
REPRINT SERIES Seven, They Are Seven (Russian: Семеро их) (op. 30) is a cantata by Sergei Prokofiev composed in 1917 for large orchestra, chorus, and dramatic tenor soloist. It was composed in...
Prokofiev Sinfonietta Op.5/48 score and parts for orchestra

Prokofiev: Sinfonietta Op.5/48

$179.99 - $579.95
REPRINT SERIES Sergei Prokofiev wrote his Sinfonietta in A major, Op. 5, in 1909 and dedicated it to Nikolai Tcherepnin, his conducting professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Prokofiev...
Prokofiev Symphony No.3 Op.44 Score & Set of Parts

Prokofiev: Symphony No.3 Op.44

$215.00 - $975.00
The music derives from Prokofiev's opera The Fiery Angel, a touching love story set against the backdrop of demonic possession.This opera had been accepted for performance in the 1927–28 season...
Prokofiev Symphony No.4 Op.112 Score and Parts

Prokofiev: Symphony No.4 Op.112 (1947 version)

$199.99 - $995.00
Prokofiev's Symphony No. 4 is actually two works, both using material created for The Prodigal Son ballet. The first, Op. 47, was completed in 1930 and premiered that November; it lasts about 22...
Strauss: Horn Concerto No.2, Score and Parts, sheet music

R. Strauss: Horn Concerto No.2 TrV 283

$135.00 - $355.00
The Concerto No.2 for Horn and Orchestra is infused with Strauss' singular lyricism, reflecting the clarity of the composer's Romantic vision amid the strengthening winds of twentieth century...