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Martinu: Symphony No.5 Score and Parts

Martinu: Symphony No.5

$149.99 - $695.00
REPRINT SERIES The Fifth Symphony was composed from March to May 1946. Although Martinů initially spoke of dedicating it to the Red Cross, in the end the score was dedicated to the Czech...
Martinu "Fantaisies Symphoniques" Score and Orchestral Parts

Martinu: Symphony No.6 "Fantaisies Symphoniques"

$195.00 - $950.00
The Symphony No. 6 ("Fantaisies symphoniques"), H. 343, by Bohuslav Martinů was begun in New York City in 1951, after a hiatus of four years since its predecessor, and was tentatively completed three...
Martinu: Toccata e due canzoni score and parts

Martinu: Toccata e due canzoni

REPRINT SERIES I. Toccata: Allegro moderato II. Canzone No.1: Andante moderato III. Canzone No.2: Allegro (poco); Adagio Bohuslav Martinů was an early 20th-century composer known for his...
Mozart, W.A. - Symphony No.1 K.16 in E-Flat Major, Score and Parts

Mozart - Symphony No.1 K.16 in E-Flat Major

The Symphony No. 1 in E-flat major, KV. 16, was written in 1764 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of just eight years. By this time, he was already notable in Europe as a wunderkind performer,...
Mozart, W.A. - Divertimento No.1 in Eb Major K.113

Mozart, W.A. - Divertimento No.1 in Eb Major K.113

Composed in 1771, here we find Mozart's first use of clarinets, instruments he would later employ whenever available. The "Divertimento", scored for Winds and Strings, is divided in 4 movements and...
Poulenc: Organ Concerto, Score and Parts

Poulenc - Organ Concerto

Poulenc's Organ Concerto has become one of the most frequently performed pieces of the genre not written in the Baroque period. The piece uses such comparatively small forces, relative to Poulenc's...
Poulenc Sinfonietta - Score and Parts

Poulenc - Sinfonietta

$159.50 - $495.00
 The music is light, even at times satirical, and overflowing with popular turns and dance rhythms. (Ravel is said to have admitted to Poulenc that he envied his ability to “write his own...
Poulenc: 4 Poèmes de Max Jacob score and parts

Poulenc: 4 Poèmes de Max Jacob FP 22

The Quatre poèmes de Max Jacob, composed in 1921, show Poulenc at his most avant-garde. To the already edgy ensemble of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and trumpet Poulenc adds lines of...
Poulenc - Aubade, Concert choregrafhique pour Piano et 18 instruments - Score and Parts

Poulenc: Aubade, Choreographic Concerto

Aubade, a choreographic concerto for piano and 18 instruments, is a work of Francis Poulenc premiered in 1929. It was conceived as a ballet, but is more often played as a chamber piano concerto. An...
Poulenc: Gloria, for Soprano, Mixed Choir and Orchestra. Full Score and Orchestral Parts, vocal score and choral score

Poulenc: Gloria

$45.00 - $935.00
REPRINT SERIES The Gloria by Francis Poulenc, FP 177, scored for soprano solo, large orchestra, and chorus, is a setting of the Gloria text from the mass ordinary. One of Poulenc's most celebrated...